Format: The players have to prepare 5 decks, using 5 unique heroes. The winner of the match MUST switch his deck, the loser MAY but is NOT required to switch the hero. In each match the players have to complete 4 sets of games and at the end of all 3 1 versus 1 games the total score will determine the teams total score for the match.

At the start of the match the team captains list 1 player at a time to decide who plays who. The team mentioned first in the schedule starts listing their lineup first.

When match time comes players prepare 5 decks/classes and before the match, you then take a screenshot in the challenge screen. On this screenshot your opponent will see your 5 classes and bans can be done according. If you are not in direct contact with your opponent you can use one of the league admins as the link for sharing screenshots and other vital information. Failure to provide said screenshot with no more than 5 decks in your decklist will result in a default 0 - 4 loss.

Match score example: Team 1 vs Team 2

  • Team1 2 - 2 Team2
  • Team1 3 - 1 Team2
  • Team1 0 - 4 Team2

Team 2 wins the match 7 - 5.

Points: Win - 2 points. Draw - 1 point. Loss - 0 points.

Schedule: The schedule can be found in both the tournament system and on our main tournament page. Here the teams can see who they are playing and when they are playing. Appart from the streamed matches that have a set starting time of 19:00 CET on the set playdays, teams are free to schedule their matches with their opponents as long as the results and scores are in place before the next weeks rounds start (we do 2 rounds per week).


Streaming: Only the official casters of this tournament will be allowed to cast/stream the matches of this league. Player streams are allowed if your opponent agrees to it, but if you stream private we are not responsible for "stream-sniping" and other ways opponents may gain benefits from it.