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  • Tue 14th Jan 2020 - 9:26am

    Zenith's first edition of LVMH Watch Week – Dubai puts women in Dubai by 2020

    With its DEFY series and DEFY Midnight, Zenith introduced new innovations and launched the first version of LVMH Watch Week.Zenith Pilot Type 20 Rescue 03.2434.4069/20.I010, DEFY Midnight is a women's watch series with a unique concept of dream and universe. In addition, the new Elite collection redefines the 21st century watchmaking paradigm to achieve the ultimate in modern elegance.

    "I am very grateful to Zenith for participating in the first LVMH Watch Week-Dubai 2020. I believe this is a new international destination for watchmaking. Dubai is both charming and forward-looking, it is a showcase The ideal place for innovative women's watches. We put women's watches at the forefront of the creative work of the brand. But we are not content to reproduce another women's watch. Zenith CEO Julien Tornare It is revealed that with our latest style, Zenith is the first time to conceive a female watch from scratch.

    Exploring two aspects of women
    Zenith's new work is completely aimed at women, thus raising the ends of women's watches. On the one hand is the absolutely modern DEFY Midnight, on the other hand is the timeless and elegant Elite series.Urwerk UR-210S men watch

     Each of us has a dreamer, gazing at the starry night sky and seizing the infinite potential ahead. Zenith's first purely feminine watch, inspired from the universe when creating the DEFY Midnight, it is a versatile sports fashion timepiece with a unique astronomical dial, designed for freelance women While designing. As precious as a watch, DEFY Midnight is the perfect companion for today's independent women: confident, expressive and with their own style. DEFY Midnight women live according to their own rules and are decisive and confident in their choices. They never fear to stand out and realize their dreams.

    The dial of the DEFY Midnight is housed in a 36mm stainless steel case decorated with bright cut diamonds, which makes Zenith's "time to reach the target" philosophy vividly manifest. The dial is available in dark blue or gray, with a smooth surface effect and vertical gradient effect, reaching unprecedented depth. The night sky is drawn above the endless horizon. In the dark and vast space, the twinkling of star light gives way, and the dial immediately intoxicates the wearer. The brand's faceted star emblem evokes the Zenith sky, the highest and brightest point in the night sky shown. Completing the celestial landscape are stars of various sizes-some of which glow in the dark. The third dial, made of white mother-of-pearl, has a vertical gradient effect that evokes moonlight on a cloudy night. Except at 3 o'clock where the date window is placed, a white diamond is applied to the hourly mark. Equipped with an automatic Elite internal movement, DEFY Midnight offers reliable accuracy and 50 hours of autonomy. A star pendulum brings silver elements into the back cover view.replica watches swiss

    The DEFY midnight featured bracelets and straps can be easily exchanged by the wearer, allowing DEFY midnight to adapt itself to the classification of different looks and situations. The integrated stainless steel strap as well as the colored ribbon and leather strap with rubber backing can be replaced by the quick strap replacement mechanism integrated directly on the back of the strap, without the owner having to use any tools or special skills to do it himself, whether it is a season Still change clothes. Each DEFY Midnight comes in a special box that includes 3 extra colorful straps and an interchangeable folding clasp.

    Zenith looks back on its past from today's good time with the latest revision of the Elite collection of unisex watches. More stylish and simple, but stronger than its graphic identity and self-confidence in its timeless line and proportion of elite collections does not repeat the past, but revitalizes the mid 20 yards of watchmaking craftsmanship. By offering two models in two sizes and a variety of case and dial combinations, the Elite Classic and Moonphase models set the tone for Zenith's modern elegance. This series meets the needs of those who value the aesthetics and lasting appeal of watches of the bygone era, with enough modern accents to ensure that they never go out of style.RICHARD MILLE RM 011 BROWN SILICON NITRIDE

    Like light rays splattering from the sun's rays, the radiant sunburst elite classic dial produces a highlight of highlights and shadows. To increase the visual depth, the dial has faceted and polished conical hour markers. The minute and second tracks give the dial a sense of science, while the slightly larger application of the hour mark breaks the track and highlights the dial's four basic points. Above the floating and lively dial are sharp and slim "Dove" -shaped hands, nostalgic nod, Zenith watches from the mid-20th century.

    In the elite moon phases, in its majestic tones, and in its harmonious asymmetrical whimsical, reveals the beautiful veil that sets off the moon at night. The midnight blue circle in the lower part of the chaotic pattern dial has the same hue as the moon phase dial, giving the golden moon and stars an oversized display effect. Shown side by side, a small second at 9 o'clock is reminiscent of a brief passage of time.

    The Elite Classic and Elite Moonphase models reappear the same elegant proportions throughout the collection, with case diameters of 40.5mm and 36mm, made of stainless steel or rose gold. In addition to choosing the dial color, wearers can also buy straps in a variety of materials and colors from Zenith luxury replica watches boutiques and authorized retailers, making Elite more personal.

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