TopicThe best ways to Access the Activity and Workout Applications on Apple Watch

  • Fri 14th Dec 2018 - 6:26am - Smartwatch is a recorder of your daily activities and workouts. It is a tool for your health and fitness which helps you keep your regular movement record, have workout goals, and contribute to knowing your more activity that you have not done yet. Smartwatch main objective is to prevent users be healthy by helping them all and that is the reason Smartwatch had this feature.

    Whether you have been eaten burgers for too long, smartwatch only thing wants you to be motivated and healthy. Smartwatch has too many apps to make users healthy.

    Following Daily Activities

    1. Start the Activity app on Smartwatch.
    2. Move left to the “Move, Exercise, and Stand” and Press Get Started.
    3. Type personal information like gender, age, weight, and height.
    4. Move to the Digital Crown to put the information and click to Continue.
    5. Press Start Moving.
    6. On iOS use the Apple Watch application to type the information, in the health column.

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