TopicHow to Draw Graphs in Microsoft Excel

  • Fri 7th Dec 2018 - 10:00am

    Drawing a graph in Excel is a fairly easy thing to do these days. First let me clarify that charts and graphs in Excel are the same thing. There is no actual drawing to do it is a matter of a few simple clicks, that is what makes Microsoft Office so uncomplicated to use. I am including a little exercise for you to follow to create a line graph just to see how it works. You can create a make-believe Spreadsheet and enter fake data for this exercise or use an existing file if you have one.

    Follow these simple steps.

    • Enter your data without leaving blank rows or columns between data. When setting up your spreadsheet describe the data in one column and enter the data to the right of that. If there is more than one data Place a title for each data sequence then add its unique information in columns. Then the Graph Data will need to be selected.
    • Using your mouse drag and highlight the cells with the information in them you wish to graph.
    1. On the ribbon in Microsoft Excel 2016 Click insert
    2. Click Chart category and click the graph type of your choice to select it

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