TopicHow to add mcafee secure to google chrome?

  • Thu 18th Oct 2018 - 8:36am

    With the increasing alertness and awareness about cyber crimes among the computer users, cyber crooks are finding new mediums to attack the devices. One of the common ways is to inject viruses to different websites or redirecting the user who searches for a website to a malware-infected page.

    This whole thing demands advanced security solutions that can ensure safe web browsing. To cope with this critical situation McAfee, the leading cyber security company provides a dedicated solution named as McAfee Secure. All McAfee programs can be downloaded from

    McAfee secure monitors all your web activities and blocks a website immediately if it finds it malicious. In other words, this program checks the insight of the website and makes sure that you only access a tested and certified website.

    To add it to your web browser, follow these steps:

    1. Visit the official website of McAfee Secure
    2. Click Add to Google Chrome
    3. Now, login with your Google or Face book account
    4. Follow the onscreen instructions
    5. Let the process finish
    6. It’s done

    Just by adding it to your Google Chrome web browser, you can personalize your web experience. Also, you can be sure of the thing that you are accessing a safe website that is virus-free.

    Other advantages of using McAfee Secure are:

    • You can browse the internet without the worries of getting attacked by a cyber criminal
    • McAfee secure helps in maintaining a private online identity
    • It protects your confidential information such as bank details, personal information, and more

    To add a website to the Trusted Site, simply visit it and then click on Add Insight. So, the next time you will visit that website you don’t have to think about its security. By visiting Manage insight option, you can remove a website anytime from the list. For further information about McAfee Secure or McAfee Activate, contact McAfee customer support team.

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