TopicAre You Rid of Obesity - follow five Steps?

  • Mon 15th Oct 2018 - 8:08am

    Calorie-Bomb Food Favorites
    Most of our calories come from foods high in fat and sugar. Sweets like cookies and cakes, along with yeast breads, top the list. We also load up on calories in chicken dishes (often breaded and fried), sodas, and energy and sports drinks. Pizza, alcohol, pasta, tortilla dishes, and beef dishes pile on more calories. Unless you count fries and chips, fruits and vegetables don't even make a dent in our daily calorie count.

    Eat Less
    Just two problem foods -- solid fats and added sugars -- count for about 800 of our daily calories. That's almost half the calories an average woman should have in a day. U.S. dietary guidelines say we should limit solid, trans, and saturated fats. Cut back on fast foods and refined grains, like white bread. While you're at it, cut down on sodium (salt), too. Most of us get too much, raising our chances of high blood pressure and heart and kidney disease.

      Eat More Add more nutritious foods to your diet
    -Instead of fatty meats, choose lean protein and seafood. Shoot for at least 8 ounces of fish a week.
    -Instead of solid fats like butter or margarine, use olive, canola, and other oils that are good for your waistline and heart.
    -Instead of baked goods and cereals with all white or refined grains, make at least half of your grains whole grains.
    -Other healthy choices: nonfat or low-fat dairy foods, eggs, beans, and lots of fruits and vegetables.

    The Pizza Problem
    Favorite foods like pizza may just need a makeover. Pizza can have lots of calories, refined grains, and fats. But with a few tweaks, it can be OK:
    -Choose a thin, whole-grain crust.
    -Pile on veggies and skip meat.
    -Use low-fat or fat-free cheese or just a sprinkle.
    -Have one small slice and fill the rest of your plate with vegetables.

     What Are Whole Grains?
    The outer shell, or "bran," of a kernel of wheat, rice, barley, or other grain is full of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Fiber helps you feel full on fewer calories and keeps your bathroom visits regular. But to make white (refined) flour from a kernel of wheat, food makers get rid of the bran. With it goes much of the fiber and vitamins.

    What Are Solid Fats?
    Fats that are solid at room temperature usually contain saturated and trans fats. Trans fats should be avoided as much as possible and saturated fats should only contribute 10% of your calories. You will find saturated fats in butter, coconut oil, animal fats in meat, dairy, bacon and chicken skin.

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