TopicHow To Use Facing A Product Key Error In Ms Office 365?

  • Mon 15th Oct 2018 - 7:52am

    Microsoft Office is being used for a long time and we use this software almost every day in our professional lives. It has some unique products which help us a lot such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Access etc. Method to install the Office is quite simple, just need to download the setup from the internet and run, or you can download by using this link

    Sometimes, Activation Wizard appears with the error message and Office is unable to install. The error message would be: This product cannot be activated because the product key is not valid

    How to validate the Office Setup Product Key?

    Save your files and close all the running apps
    Log in to Microsoft account and check Services and Subscriptions
    Choose Install Office in Office 365 subscription
    In PC/Mac installs used, now select Deactivate
    Sign in your Microsoft account
    Go to Devices, choose the device where Office 365 to be deactivated
    Now, choose Sign out of Office in order to deactivate Office 365 on the device
    Go to Windows, right-click Start Button on the left- hand side in the taskbar
    Select File Explorer
    Now, in file explorer, click on View menu, choose hidden items
    In the file, navigate to C:/ProgramData/Microsoft/Office/Heartbeat, and then removeHeartbeatCache
    Now sign in your Microsoft account when you get a prompt
    You can use your Microsoft Office.
    For more queries and concerns on how to validate a product key or how to download Office using this you can call the customer support number, they will assist you diligently.

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