GamersLeague eSport's latest HearthStone signing "Diggen" makes it to 2016 European Hearthstone Winter Championship

Tue 16th Feb 2016 - 8:01pm : Tournament : HearthStone : Event

Just a short time after joining GamersLeague eSport Eirik "Diggen" Aarvig was showing some strong results online and he was kicking ass and taking names on the ladder. The players of the team knew of the skills of this amazing player, but little did we know of what was to come. After getting into the prelims by impressive ladder results he came to the prelim event as an unknown player, but match by match the casters and viewers were forced to recognize the name and they started talking about this player coming out of the blue. 

European Winter Prelim

By clicking the link above you can view the impressive run that Diggen had in the qualifier and below you can see what an amazing event Diggen is now gearing up to attend.

  • European Winter Championship:
    • Date: March 18-20, 2016.
    • Start time: TBA.
    • Eligibility: Top 8 competitors from the Preliminaries advance to the Winter Championship.
    • Location: Studio event, location TBA.
    • Format: Best of 5 Conquest format, 4 classes 1 ban.
    • Groups: Two groups of four players each in a Dual-Tournament group stage, top 2 players from each group move on to a Single Elimination bracket.

Prize split

#Prize in USDHCT Points
1. $25,000 30
2. $15,000 20
3-4. $10,000 15
5-8. $5,000 10
9-16. $2,500 3
17-64. $0 2
<64. $0 1


So just who is this player that is now ready to battle it out with the best of the best in a month? How does he feel now after the amazing run he just had? We asked.

Hello good sir. The crowds are wondering who you are and how on earth have they not noticed you before?

"Well Met! So, my name is Eirik Aarvig aka Diggen ingame. I didn't really know much about the Norwegian scene before i participated in Gigacon 2015, then i got in contact With Bx3 and GamersLeague eSport which was really key for my recent success. Before that i was a casual gamer and didn't really know a whole lot about the esport scene, but now i'm going for it and hopefully the future brings great things."

You came into the prelims of the Winter Championships by ladder points and then moved on to a really impressive run in the qualifier tournament. A few of the casters seemed surprised to see you in the final stages, but you played really solid and had them impressed in the end. Did you feel confident going into the biggest tournament of your career so far and how did it feel going all the way?

"I had very low expectations, as i always do in hearthstone tournaments. But my lineup really worked out and did alot of work for me. I was getting strong opponents every single series, but i knew i could beat them. I was feeling very nervous towards the end, but when i started playing i did not feel nervous at all. My greatest and happiest moment of my career so far."

You also had teammates taking part in both this tournament and the fireside gathering with you and the players not taking part on the event supporting you online. A lot of HS players choose to fly solo and do not have the support of a team. Do you think the team aspect helps you as a player and would you say a team is important in HS?

"I think teams in HS helps you out alot as a player. When i prepared for this tournament i practised and discussed strategies alot With my teammates. At the events, if you get unsure about what to ban or some rules, you can always ask Your teammates. If you get knocked out early, you can help scout opponents for Your teammates."

So next month you will be attending the biggest tournament so far this year in the HearthStone scene. How will you prepare for this and do you feel more confident with regards to tournaments now?

"I will prepare as normal. Playing ladder, practising and discussing With my teammates. I feel confident, i am a good player and hopefully i get to show it next month."

We are for sure looking forward to see you taking down some more huge names and surely all GamersLeague followers will cheer for you and i expect most of the Norwegian HS fanbase will do the same. Any final words for the fans and followers?

"Yeah. Shoutouts to GamersLeague eSport for supporting me and shoutout to the admins and organisers at the event at house of nerds. We heard there was alot of problems at other events in europe, but in Oslo everything was very smooth. See you all next month! :D "

We also suggest that you swing by Eirik "Diggen" Aarvig at his brand new twitter account where he gives advice and lets you follow his actions right HERE.

You can watch the final game where Diggen was casted against Kolemoen on Playhearthstone's stream and the match starts at 3:55:00

Watch live video from PlayHearthstone on




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