OKS.GG HearthStone League is half way done and the fight for top 4 is really close!

Thu 30th Jul 2015 - 6:01am : Tournament : HearthStone

The OKS.GG HearthStone league has been running for 5 rounds now and things are really shaping up!

Even tho it's only the winning team that gets the cash prize of 500$ the fight for the top 4 spots giving a secured slot in our main league planned for later this year is stil going strong and most teams are stil in the run for those spots.

SK Gaming have managed to secure a tiny lead so far and remain 1 point in front of Method and with London Conspiracy potentially at the same score after round 5, with all the other teams following closely behind in the run for the throne. With round 6 coming up this week things can swing in many directions, but looking at the teams facing each other some things will be a lot more clear after this round.

Some players have also been showing impressive results and stil SK Gaming's Sebastian 'Spo' Sjöbec and London Conspiracy's Chistoffer "Asmodai" are undefeated in the league.

If you stil have not watched the great action this league has offered so far we strongly suggest you tune into our stream that runs every Monday and Thursday at 18:45 CET.

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