GamersLeague eSport ventures into Shards Of War and picks up what might be the strongest team in europe!

Sun 31st Jan 2016 - 2:16pm : Shards of War : General : Gaming

GamersLeague eSport are proud to announce the arrival of a new lineup in the GamersLeague eSport family. This time we venture into the new MOBA Shards of War and we have picked up what is said by many to be the best lineup in the game.

The lineup that up until now has been known as "Steamroller" will now be playing under the GamersLeague eSport banner and helping us build the scene around this amazing new fast pased MOBA. This lineup has shown an impressive form in the game so far and after talking to them we felt confident that they will keep going and keep kicking ass. With a mix of nationalities we hope to reach a new fanbase and we hope to help build the game and community across europe to a point where there is a stable esport scene. Before joining GamersLeague eSport this team has an impressive list of accomplishments like:

  • 1st team to win a SoW tournament
  • 15 first place placements in SoW tournaments
  • 8 second place placements in SoW tournaments
  • 9 third place placements in SoW tournaments
  • 2nd place at GamesCom
  • A lot of stats can also be found HERE

Already in their first day as part of the GamersLeague eSport family the team makes an impressive run and lands 2nd place in the Shards of War Pro Cup#1 by TteSPORTS. This secures them a flying start under their new banner and a nice cash prize on top of the new partnership.

Kim-Erik "Zarotan" Aanes - Manager of GamersLeague eSport

"We are super proud to have picked up this top tier lineup in a game that holds potential to be among the big ones in the MOBA scene. Shards Of War is all about teamplay and fast action and these guys are among the most creative and innovative group of players in the game. GamersLeague eSport has made commitments towards the team as well as Big Point to make sure we do our part to grow the community in this awesome game. So in the time to come people can expect to see alot of SOW action and we aim for GamersLeague eSport to be at the front of all the action."

Miodrag "NoHeal4U" Nikolic - Shards Of War team captain

"We have worked so hard during the last year in order to reach this moment. Joining the GamersLeague, organization well known for working with talents and helping them out in reaching new heights in Esports is a big step for us. We are looking forward to another great year where we will grow all together as an organisation and as a community around a game which has an imense competitive potential. We promise you a lot of fun and exciting moments in the upcomming events."



The lineup:

  Miodrag "NoHeal4U" Nikolic

  Role: Damage & Assassin

  Playstyle: Control & Aggression


Andrija "Silentburp" Perovic 

Role: Tank 

Playstyle: Battle control 


 Vadim "B3PbIBH0u" Bernev

 Role: Damage & Assassin

 Playstyle: Control & Aggression


Enes "ReGaLLL" Özkan 

Role: Assassin & Carry 

Playstyle: Aggression, Skillshots & Improvisation 


 Hendrik "hendrikyoda" Eisenblätter

 Role: Support

 Playstyle: Battle control




Maximilian "xXthePandaXx" Stromereder 

Role: Damage & Assassin 

Playstyle: Agression & Skillshots 





The action from Shards of War Pro Cup#1 by TteSPORTS was casted by Id3ntyD from and here is 1 of several amazing games.



Kim-Erik Aanes

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