Mats "Profix" Guttormsen of GamersLeague eSports shows what he is made of!

Mon 22nd Jun 2015 - 1:19am : HearthStone

Mats "Profix" Guttormsen has not been the most talked about player in GamersLeague, but he has always been hard working and he has shown great potential for a long time. At DreamHack Summer 2015 he finally got his moment to shine and he took it and ran with it!

In his first ever major tournament he impressed alot of followers ending up with 5 wins and 2 losses and a 13th spot in total only 1 win away from making it into the top 8. For those who didnt watch the tournament they might have say he had a "lucky" run in the bracket but as he took down players such as Gentsatso, Reynad, Maverick and ThjisNL there is no doubt he had to play some of the best there is.

As he was so close to the main bracket in his first major he now feels more motivated than ever and we in GamersLeague eSport feel sure that this is a player that the community will see much more of in the time to come.



Kim-Erik Aanes

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