Nicolai "Noticimus" Jacobsen of GamersLeague eSports wins the Fireside Gathering Oslo!

Sun 31st May 2015 - 9:29pm : HearthStone

Nicolai "Noticimus" Jacobsen has been letting everyone know that he sees himself as the best HearthStone player in Norway so when GamersLeague eSport decided to send him to Oslo to attend the Fireside Gathering the preasure was on. But as he has done before and plans to keep on doing, he brought his game and made sure everyone knew he was not someone to buckle under preasure.

With an impressive tournament run that ended with a 3 - 0 grand final win and a total score of 12 - 3 in matches he laid claim to his own statement and stil sits on the throne as the top ranked player in Norway.

Nicolai "Noticimus" Jacobsen is now qualified to play the Fireside Gathering Championship Qualifier where he will have to take down the other winners of several Fireside Gatherings. If he makes it all the way into the top 4 he will be in the main event where he will fight for 5000$ and the winner gets a spot in their regions WCS qualifier.

Noticimus himself had this to say for himself when we asked him about the day and what is to come:

You had a solid run in the tournament and you backed up the confidence that you showed us all before going, what are your thoughts and the tournament and your results?

"The tournament was pretty easy, i'd say most of the players there had basically no tournament experience. And not everyone was familiar with conquest mode. Going into every game i felt like i had a huge advantage and an excellent read on all of my opponents. Not to say i wasnt lucky, i definately had a lot of things going my way in every single game."

Now you will have to duke it out with Fireside Gathering winners from all over to get into that sweet top 4. Do you feel as confident going into that qualifier as you felt going into this tournament?

"Im feeling confident for the next stage in the firside gathering qualifier. I expect to meet better opponents but i feel like i have a good shot of going through the brackets with ease."



Kim-Erik Aanes

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