GamersLeague eSport dominates the Norwegian HearthStone league!

Tue 5th May 2015 - 9:58pm : HearthStone

With 3 players from GamersLeague eSport playing in the top division there was close to no doubt that atleast one of them would do well in the league. But as the league progressed it became clear that the players from GamersLeague simply were in a league of their own with all 3 players placing in the top 4 of the league and going into the final stage.

In the final stage of the tournament GL.Profix had to go heads up with teammate GL.Noticimus while GL.Kjeks got to play against BX3.EpicSaxGuy. These matches resulted in a grand final where GL.Noticimus had to duke it out with GL.Kjeks. The grand final was an interesting match to watch but with cards swinging the way of GL.Noticimus he managed to take the win 4 - 2 against GL.Kjeks and with that he grabbed the pot of gold that was prepared for the winner!

As a grand total this means that GamersLeague eSport's proud players landed 1st, 2nd and a solid 3/4 place by GL.Profix. As the players now got the taste of blood we are sure their names will be popping up in more tournaments to come and surely people will once again open their eyes to GamersLeague eSport.

If you wish to follow the tournament progress of our HearthStone players you can see their notable results here.

Norwegian readers can read all about the grand final in the summary made by here.

6th and final game of the Match



Kim-Erik Aanes

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