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Sat 2nd Jan 2016 - 2:35am : General : Gaming

As you all know there are hundreds of sites where you can have fun with your ingame skins for CS:GO. When contacted us they showed us a new and exciting concept that had us all on the edge. Thus we arranged for a deal where GamersLeague eSport partners up with this amazing site in an attempt to bring more fun to the world of betting sites.

On you dont just bet 1 time and then your done with it. There can be as much as 3 turns where you can bet more and more as the turns go depending on how many players there are. There is also a great feature that gives you tokens whenever you get into the finals of a betting roll and these tokens can be used to buy awesome skins on their website. These are only 2 of the new and interesting features tho, so make sure you join up and check out the fun as this awesome site takes form!

Igor Kesar from Lid Technology had this to say on our new partnership:

As you venture into your first partnership agreement to promote, you have opted to partner up with GamersLeague eSport. What are your hopes and goals for this partnership? is a product published by Lid Technology. An organization that was founded with a goal of achieving success in gaming. Lid Technology is an organization that's been looking for a way to get started with gaming for some time, and in the end we started this interesting project that we all have faith in. Since we made everything we needed, we came on a conclusion that we need to find stable partner that can help us to achieve our goals. We are looking forward for a fresh start, and we that that by signing Gamersleague eSport as our official partner the future is bright.

Why is it that the thousands of eager betters out there should choose rather than some other betting site for their skins?

Before we started working on this project we spend a long time creating this concept and we gave serious thought to what players out there would want. We knew that we had to come up with something new and that's how the idea of 3 rounds in betting came to be. Qualifier, semi-finals and finals. This gives alot of people the opportunity to join each game and compete against each other. One of the most interesting things about this system is that if you dont get past the qualifier round you get your items refunded. This gives you the opportunity to join the next game again. This is just one of several features that we hope will show our users that we really do care for them and we will do whatever we can to make each game as fun as possible. It's time to stop reading and give this totally unique gameplay a go!




Kim-Erik Aanes

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