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Sat 5th Dec 2015 - 11:53am : General : Gaming

To kick things off we will start with the new players and lineups of GamersLeague eSport. Some players have left us and some have joined so here it goes.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive:

  • The entire lineup of GamersLeague White disbanded and we wish them all the best of luck in the future as they go hunting for new teams as individuals.
  • The previous captain of GamersLeague CSGO "NimmerN" has stepped down and "BarryBombPlant" steps up as the new captain.
  • Our main lineup now consists of these 5 players: "BarryBombPlant", "Havard", "Decn", "Simma" and "Kwelie".


  • Several players have packed their bags for different reasons and we wish them all the best.
  • Noticimus has signed with ROOT Gaming and moved to the US in an attempt to make it as a professional gamer.
  • The super talented Aleksander "Aleks" Kolstad has joined our ranks and in no time he has already won 2 online tournaments and shows great progress.
  • Our captain Christian "Devou" Westre Solvang is done climbing the ranks and will be showing what he is made of in the main league of the national HS league next season.

Rocket League:

  • GamersLeague eSport has secured a solid lineup for RocketLeague and people can expect to see us turn up in several tournaments in the time to come.
  • The new lineup is as follows: Benjamin "CubicalMussel" Svendsen, Mads "Mharti" Christiansen and Jeppe "Jex" Helgesen.

League of Legends

  • Unfortunately we were not able to keep a steady lineup going and GamersLeague eSport has parted ways with the lineup we started the last Telenorliga season with.

That's all for the player and team part of our update and it is now time for some general information.

GamersLeague eSport has grown in many fronts and our yearly LAN event in nothern Norway was again a success. We have grown in numbers and scale and with that we have new opportuneties coming our way in what looks to be a super interesting 2016. There will be events, tournaments and much more to come.

GamersLeague eSport HearthStone Team League (OKS.GG HearthStone League) is in the works and we are just preparing in terms of staff and some final deals before we are ready to start giving out information.

GamersLeague eSport have found some new partners that will be announced in the time to come and with these announcements there will be lots of fun for our awesome community and potential new followers.


That's all for now folks





Kim-Erik Aanes

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