SK Gaming wins the OKS.GG HearthStone league!

Fri 14th Aug 2015 - 1:55pm : Event : HearthStone : Tournament

As all 9 rounds of the OKS.GG HearthStone League has been completed, SK Gaming remains on top of the table as they have for most of the league!

However the league was much closer than any of the starting teams had predicted and we learned that the invited teams were more than willing to give it their all to gather points in this new format. SK Gaming won the league but only by 1 point and followed closely by H2KLondon Conspiracy and RuZ3 Gaming. To make things even more intense we had 3 other teams trailing only 1 point behind the top 4 with mYinsanity, GamersLeague eSport and Method.

With the league concluded we wish to congratulate SK Gaming with the first place and their 500$ winnings. We also wish to congratulate H2KLondon Conspiracy and RuZ3 Gaming as they secured their spot in our next league that will be a much bigger task. We also wish to give a great thanks to all the teams taking part and making this league happen as well as the fans and viewers that have been watching the league on our stream and on the french stream provided by Method.

On top of this we need to offer an extra big thank you to for providing us with what we needed to make this league happen!



Kim-Erik Aanes

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