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GamersLeague eSport is one of the biggest esports organizations in Norway and in the past 5 years we have won lots of national and international tournaments.

After going true a period of minimal activity we stepped up our game again late in 2014 and we have spent our time well until now to show that we are back in the Norwegian scene. With what is without any doubt the strongest HearthStone lineup in Norway and solid lineups in CS:GO, CoD and Dota 2 we now feel ready to take bigger steps again.

On top of winning tournaments and working with our players we also host tournaments and leagues in games with OKS.GG HearthStone League as our latest project. Our goal is to have a full production team supporting our own teams and other esport projects that we wish to get involved with.

As we are now expanding and moving into bigger things we also need more people working with us. GamersLeague eSport is a non-profit organization and thus we do not offer salaries for our crew, but we do try to offer other things (like event travels) to keep motivation going and creativity flowing.

We are looking for people in a lot of different roles and if you feel you can contribute in any way towards what we are looking for feel free to let us know. Keep in mind that even tho we do not pay people we are a registered company and any work done for us can be used in future resumes and work applications.

Some of the specific things we are looking for are:

Twitch crew:

  • Production manager/content manager: We have a twitch channel that is partnered with Twitch, but to get things rolling we need alot more content and we need people to help manage and create this content.
  • Casters: As we are looking to do coverage of tournaments in several games where our players are attending and some where we have been asked to do coverage we need casters. We are looking for hungry dedicated casters that are looking to build a name in the world of esports.
  • Twitch mod: Even tho our channel myGamersLeague is partnered it does not look like much at the moment. We need someone who can make it look as good as it should and help manage the twitch chat mods that we already have in place.


  • As you may have noticed as you came into the website we have a nice looking website, but it's lacking in content. We need a writer that can do coverage of our own teams and players, keep our supporters updated and maybe even find ways to let our supporters interact with our players by interviews or whatnot.

Video editors:

  • Yepp, every good team needs a good video editor (or 10). We need someone who can make videos of our players and teams taking part in our tournaments and so on. Our experience is that good videos get thousands of views and working alongside us with things like this is a great way for you to get your name out there.

Graphic artist:

  • As we host tournaments, write coverage, do stream production and more we always have a need for creative minds in the graphics department. Here you can really get creative and the better looking you manage to make your products the more exposure you will end up getting.

The Glory of TM by GamersLeague

OKS.GG HearthStone League




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