GamersLeague eSport ventures into Call of Duty!

Mon 25th May 2015 - 8:17pm : Call Of Duty

GamersLeague eSport are proud to announce the arrival of a talented and dedicated group of players that will represent the team in Call Of Duty.

In the teams first ever attempt at the game we have opted to go for a team of hungry players that will spend the coming time showing people what they are made of starting with attending DreamHack Summer in only a few days. At DreamHack Summer they will battle it out against the other scandinavian nations to see who is the best of the best and with a tournament winning of 50.000SEK on the line there's both honour and money on the line. They have also set their goals on attending a few other offline events this year and on top of that they will be attending online events and tournaments in the time to come.

Even tho this is new and uncharted ground for GamersLeague eSport as a team we feel that this is a great opportunity for both the team and the players joining our ranks.

GamersLeague eSport COD linep:

  • Stian "Jaggy" Kvalvaagnes
  • Stian "Stan" Fiskerstrand
  • Martin "Hovet" Hovet
  • Joakim "Swig" Falck

Statement from GamersLeague eSport CEO Kim-Erik "Zarotan" Aanes

"We are proud and happy that this group of dedicated young gamers have opted to join our proud ranks. As this is completely new ground for me and the rest of the staff as well, we hope that we can learn as much from our new players as they can learn from us when it comes to what we do. I am sertain that these players will find a good and safe home in GamersLeague eSport and the future will only bring bigger things."

Statement from GamersLeague eSport COD's Joakim "Swig" Falck

"We feel that joining GamersLeague is a big step forward for us. To be working with such a well established org is going to be fantastic for us and the Norwegian Call of Duty community. We will try to help GamersLeague grow and become a household name within the scene.

Our hopes and expectations for DreamHack Summer is of course to try to get first place and become the Nordic Champions. We will have to put in the hours needed to get that result, even though we are only 14 days away from playing at the DreamHack studios."



Kim-Erik Aanes

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